5G services launched in Tian’anmen Squareng selfies

With the official opening of several 5G sites, Tian’anmen Square has officially entered the 5G era

taking the lead in upgrading to become a 5G intelligent square, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Tuesday.

China Unicom took the lead in realizing the full coverage of the square’s 5G signal, and these 5G stations will also serv

e the China Media Group 5G and high-definition news coverage of the two sessions for the first time.

The Beijing branch of China Unicom said the Tian’anmen Square is not

only historically and politically significant, but also a venue for the country to hold maj

or celebrations, grand gatherings and foreign affairs activities to welcome guests. Therefore, after the Central Eco

nomic Work Conference proposed to accelerate the pace of 5G commercialization, the Square area was se

lected by the Beijing branch of China Unicom. As per tests, the current uplink speed and the downlink speed can reach 200Mbps an

d 2.6gbps, respectively, fully meeting the transmission requirements of 5G and HD news report of the China Media Group.